Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blogger Awards Are Like Presents ... or a Pat on The Back (Part 1)

Last month, I was nominated for not one - but TWO blogging awards. What a nice surprise!

It feels like you have just received a present when you get a blog award

I would have mentioned receiving these awards sooner, but between all the design changes you have seen here, hosting words for Wednesday, and just trying to stay up with my weekly series posts - writing about them just didn't fit into my publishing schedule.

Now, however, I finally can!  I'm going to tell you about the two awards in the order I received them - one today, and one next Saturday.  Please be sure to visit the websites of the bloggers who nominated me - as well as the ones to whom I am passing along the award.  I bet you will enjoy them as much as I do!
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

On September 17th, my friend Lana L. nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  I am honored, and receiving this award from Lana makes it feels extra-special.

Lana and I have uncovered so many coincidences between us we practically could be sisters! She started her blog Two Teens and Their Mama just a few weeks after my first post was published here; we have kids the same age; we were married the same year (1 week apart); we have many similar interests and hobbies; ... and so on!

Our friendship has grown with our blogs, and she was the first of a wonderful network of supportive blogging buddies with whom I have been lucky enough to connect. If you have read this blog for long, you know that I have mentioned her here from time to time. We even both wrote posts about the first time that we met in person.

I am the winner of a blog award

The goal of this award I received from Lana is to learn a little more about our fellow bloggers. The nominator
asks ten questions to which the nominee responds. The award is then passed on to other bloggers, with ten new questions, just to keep things interesting!


Here are Lana's questions, and my answers:

# 1. How has blogging enhanced your life?
Since I began blogging, I have truly learned something new every day! I have discovered new interests and passions, become more mindful of making the most of life (after all - that is what I blog about!), met wonderful people, and it has helped me to narrow down "what I really want to do when I grow up!" 

# 2. What is your favorite go to hair product we should know about?
Oooh - tough question.  For some reason any-and-all hair products (whether designed to add body, volume, or what-have-you) have an undesired result: moments after they applied, my hair is limp and lifeless!  Brilliant Damage Control Spray by Aveda for UV/heat protection is the only thing besides shampoo and conditioner that I use.  I frequently switch shampoos, but my favorite over the past several decades has been Amplify Volume shampoo and conditioner by Matrix.

#3. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently ten years ago?

There really isn't much about my life that I would change. I'n order to be able to answer this, I'm going to cheat a bit here, and change the question to "What would you have done differently 13 years ago?
I would have hired a different home inspector before we bought our house!! 
 Anyone else would have seen the things he missed. Long (very long) story - but it all got fixed!

# 4. What's the best thing you did this summer?
The highlight of this summer for me was probably just all the time we got to spend with friends and family, both in Montana and away. Walking the 5K of the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon with Lana was quite a treat as well!
A blogger reunion at the Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle

# 5. If you were headed to a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?
  1. Chocolate and peanut butter (I consider this to be a food group I can't live without, so I'm counting these as one!)
  2. A solar powered flashlight (I'm sort of afraid of the dark.)
  3. Bug spray!
# 6. What's the last movie you went to?
It has been a while... I think it may have been the Banff Mountain Film Festival last April?? We usually just rent movies or watch Netflix!
 #7. What do you miss the most about being a kid?
Endless summers filled with lots of fun, and countless hours of submerging myself in the pages of a book!
# 8. What's your favorite song on the radio right now?
"I'm Not the Only One" by Sam Smith. 
Truthfully, though, I like the it best when performed by my favorite local band "Civil Code." I'm pretty proud of the guy on the guitar, and his friends in the band!  (You may need to be logged into Facebook to view this video):

I hope I'm not the only one...Thanks for all the support from everyone, this year was truly legendary! #civilcode
Posted by Civil Code on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

# 9. If you had an unexpected 30 minutes of free time, what would you do with it?
Today - my answer would definitely be "Sleep"!
#10. What would your perfect day entail? 
Finding out I won the lottery ...!  Think of all the good things that could be done! 

Whew, Lana provided some thought-provoking questions!  Thanks so much Lana, for nominating me for this award! 

Now it's my turn to pass the honor along. 

Here are the bloggers that I nominate:

Lori Leigh at LL Farm
Joy at Catharsis
Diane at On the Border

A note to the nominees: There is no obligation to participate unless you want to - I just want you to know I think you deserve this award!
My questions for you:

 1. Is there a piece of writing of which you are most proud?

 2. What is the most difficult thing for you about blogging?

 3. What is your favorite holiday tradition (any holiday).

 4. What is the thing you like least to cook? Why?

 5. If you could take one more college course, what would it be?

 6. If we end up sending people to Mars, would you go? (Why or why not?)

 7. If, like Alice (in Wonderland) you came across a vial of something that said "Drink Me" - what affect would you hope that it would have?

 8. What is your favorite room in your house? Why?

 9. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be?

10. Which would you choose:
A. become fluent in another language (one you don't already know).
B. be able to play a musical instrument (one you can't already play).

Don't forget to visit all the blogs that I have mentioned here today.

I hope you will also read my post next Saturday, when I unveil the other award I received last month! I'll be mentioning some more amazing bloggers then, as well!

Happy Weekend - see you back here next Tuesday!

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  1. Congratulations. The warmth and the wonder fo the blogosphere are amazing aren't they?

    1. You would have been on this list, EC, except that I know you prefer to stay out of the limelight when it comes to these awards. I hope you know how much I enjoy your blog and respect you as a writer though!

  2. Thanks so much, Susan! Winning the lottery would make for a perfect day! Your questions are certainly thought provoking :-)

    1. I enjoy your blog Carlee, and I am glad I had the opportunity to give you some recognition here!

  3. I love these awards because you get to know a little bit more each time about the person who gets nominated - love all your answers and I'm looking forward to your next one :)

    1. I appreciate the award you gave me Leanne - and look forward to passing it on to other bloggers next week!

  4. Congratulations on your nomination. It is always nice to learn more about the blogger behind the blog.

    1. Thanks Mary K - be sure to stop back next Saturday!

  5. Hey there! Enjoyed reading your thoughtful answers to Lana's great questions. I remember seeing a pic of you guys at the run but at the time I didn't know you were a blogger and certainly didn't know anything about all the great coincidences (IMO they really aren't coincidences at all!) that make up your lives. I am still wanting to join up for Words for Wednesday and appreciate your email explaining more about it. I have suddenly found myself a retired working librarian and need to figure out how to keep up with blogging while working. Stay tuned! Great post, sweet one.

    1. Thanks for commenting Leslie! I think you would really enjoy Words for Wednesday - next month's prompts will be posted on Elephant Child's website. (

  6. "What I really want to do when I grow up!" That is the same way I feel about this blogging gig, too. I glanced at your questions and saw the Mars one. I have to tell you - my son's friend applied for the fly to Mars thingy where you are issued a one way ticket. She made a couple of cuts before she was rejected and it was kind of a big deal in our part of the woods as she's only 20. I was gobsmacked as there is NO way I'd want to go. Nope. Happy here on earth, thanks. How about you? Is Mars calling?

    1. Your son must have an interesting friend, kelly ... I can't imagine being brave enough to want to go to Mars!! I have zero desire - lots of places still to see on Earth!

  7. Susan, thanks so much for this wonderful post! Such kind words - and you know I feel the exact same way about you. I agree, out walk this summer was pretty fun. So glad we're friends!

    1. You know I meant every word Lana - and the 5 K walk went by much too quickly, as we had so much to talk about!!

  8. I adore that picture of you and Lana, Susan! And thank you so much for nominating and thinking of me! I am truly honored. I mean that!! Oh and I love your responses, esp. the lottery one! I completely agree! Now, gotta work on the questions..... Have a great day! xoxox

  9. Like your answer to question # 10 and you know that is really accomplished. See thelotter review and try some. Sure that would be a jackpot at once still any smaller winning will make the day happier.


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