Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love-Hate. Sometimes These Are Simultaneous Emotions.

Last week Lana of Two Teens and Their Mama wrote a post called Love and Hate. In it, she tagged me to write a post about ten things I love and ten things I hate, just as she had done. 

I've decided to follow Lana's example. Rather than strive for perfection - I wrote down the first 20 things that came to mind, and I'm sharing them as a list here with you. 

Strangely enough, almost all my choices reflect exactly what I blog about! I suspect this is because these really are the things about which I am most passionate!

love, hate, emotions
I saw the words love and hate written this way fairly recently, and unfortunately I don't remember where! I created the drawing in this photo from memory - but I'd love to know who first thought of this idea! 
Love and hate are often simultaneously occurring emotions.  I think it is pretty clever how
the image above combines the two words into one.  I made my list of twenty things. Then I realized that for each item that I listed under love, I had a somewhat relevant dislike!

I remember being taught when I was small to never use the word hate, “because we don't really hate anyone.” Although I now know that unfortunately hate does exist - I prefer the word dislike!

Here's my List!

#1.  Love: My family and friends - more than anything at all, of course!
       Dislike: My family and friends being far away!

#2.  Love: All the pets that I have ever had.
       Dislike: The short lifespan 
(compared to humans) of a pet.

#3.  Love: Writing and Blogging
       Dislike: The frustrating limits of my computer and photography skills.

#4.  Love: Food! (Cooking, baking, developing recipes, eating, entertaining, ... )
       Dislike: How easy it is to consume more calories than we expend!

#5.  Love: Montana
       Dislike: Forest fires (and it is very hot and dry here right now ... !)

#6.  Love: To travel the world, and experience different cultures.
       Dislike: Driving (especially on crowded highways, in the city, in rain, or on snowy roads!)

#7.  Love: Being home (I like to travel, but I also really love being at home!)
       Dislike: Vacuuming!

#8.  Love: Gardening and being creative in lots of ways.
       Dislike: Grasshoppers (Hate really may be the word that applies here!)
#9.  Love: Reading fiction.
       Dislike: Lack of sleep (and blogging, writing, or a good book often keeps me up at night!)

#10. Love: An ample supply of running water. (I missed this, when our well was being fixed last week!)

        Dislike: Water shortages, poverty, famine, disease, inequality, global warming, and war.

(Yes - I cheated.  My Dislike #10 is really 7 items, but if I had listed all of them separately, my list would have sounded like it was for a beauty pageant!)

Like a chain letter for bloggers, I am now supposed to tag some other bloggers to write a post like this. I encourage you to visit the really wonderful blogs that I linked to here!

Note: These bloggers are under no obligation of any kind to write this post!

I Tag:

toy grasshopper, grasshopper
The one time I need a grasshopper, there aren't any hopping around! Good thing I hadn't sorted our boxes of toys yet in my efforts to declutter using Marie Kondo's method!  I'm glad we still had this little guy, so I could use it in this photo!

Here's a question about my Dislike # 8:
Grasshoppers destroy my plants, but when they look at me with those great big eyes ... I just can't squish them.  Can you?
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  1. Hi Susan - loved reading your likes and dislikes and they certainly reflect your blogging! Lana nominated me too and I put mine up today as well - great minds must think alike :)

    1. Thanks Leanne! I saw that Lana had nominated you - otherwise I would have!

  2. What a fun post! Most of these ring true here too. And the grasshopper thing really does. I hate most bugs, but the bigger they are the harder they are for me to kill. I don't like the sound and I feel bad. Ugh! They should just go live in somebody else's garden! ;-)

    1. You explained how I feel about grasshoppers, exactly!

  3. Great list...and thanks for the tag! I've got some ideas churning i my head right now. :)

  4. The sign you created with the words love/hate is intriguing! I have not seen it like that before...
    Thanks for the tag,

  5. I love your list.
    Loving is my preferred option but I do HATE cruelty. Physical, mental, and/or emotional. To anyone or anything.
    Thank you for giving a heads up to River's Words for Wednesday post.

    1. Cruelty seems an acceptable thing to hate! I do, as well.
      Thank you, EC, for organizing it so that Words for Wednesday will continue.

  6. Oh my goodness--this was such a fun post and "tag". I will be posting mine shortly. Thanks, Susan😀

    1. I'm glad you liked it Donna - and I will look forward to yours!

  7. Great list, Susan - thanks so much for doing this! When we were little, my mom wouldn't let us "hate" anything - we were allowed to "dislike it strongly"! I agree with most of your list, although I've never had a problem with grasshoppers. So glad your water is back on!

    1. Our moms thought a lot alike! And yes - I am very glad we have water again too!

  8. I enjoyed your list, Susan! It's amusing and an interesting thought, isn't it?---that love and hate can really go together when we think of things we value in our lives. Thanks for tagging me, although now the real challenge is to be more creative. Your list is really good that now I have to try to be different...hehehe.....Will work on this for sure! Seems fun! THANKS! xoxo

    1. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  9. I loved your list and I HATE grasshoppers! Something about them just creeps me out!

    1. It must be their defense mechanism - a great way to keep from being squished!

  10. The format you took for this post is so clever. Your loves and hates are moving. Especially your dislikes, all seven of them, in number 10.

    1. Thanks Leslie. I agree #10 is the most important.

  11. Yep, they do go hand in hand. Really good list here, I'd agree with most of them. Thank you for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things and hope to see you back this week!

    1. It's funny - after I wrote this post, for a while I was thinking in terms of likes and dislikes ... and it is amazing how there is something good in just about everything!


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