Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Voice is Gone!

My voice is gone.

Megaphone from Amazon
I think I need a megaphone!
I have had laryngitis of varying degrees for about a week. At times, I have just sounded hoarse, but much of this past week I have only been able to utter sounds at (or just above) an audible whisper.  I've had a few mild cold symptoms, but my lack of voice has been my primary symptom.

My writing voice disappeared, also.

Along with spoken sounds, some of my other abilities to communicate seems to have diminished as well. Using the phone has (of course) been hard. More surprisingly, a side effect also seems to be that I've had
no attention span for reading or posting on social media, and my writer's muse seems to have completely disappeared. Laryngitis was not one of the five obstacles to writing that I mentioned in my recent article, but it seems perhaps it should be added to the list.

Could it be symbolic?

Many years ago, someone told me,"There is always a psychological reason behind why we get sick." Although I don't totally agree with the concept, that thought has always fascinated me. Today, I began to consider the symbolism of my laryngitis. Is my loss of speaking voice what is causing me to feel like I have nothing to say right now? Or, is there something I just don't want to communicate that is the reason my voice has deserted me?

I've very proud and yet, a little sad.

Until today, I had not even looked through all the photos I took last week during my son's high school graduation, or shared any of them on Facebook or with family. To do so just seems to make it all so final. As happy as I am for him, and so very proud, it is a little staggering how quickly this milestone has been reached. Our youngest child going away to college will have a significant impact on the next chapter of my own life.

Graduated! Caps being thrown in the air.

Maybe I just need a little time right now, to take a step back and find my voice.

Will my voice be the same when it returns - or will it be changed?  I guess only time will tell.

Family photo shows how quickly kids grow up
We are so proud of how these two kids grew up. Our new role as parents of adults is going to be pretty fun, too!

Have you ever had laryngitis? How long did it last?

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  1. Quite recently on this side of the world I lost my voice. Pathetic squeaks were the best I could manage. It lasted about two weeks and for much of that time my voice was as unreliable (and unpredictable) as any teenage boys.
    I suspect you have been running on empty for a while. Look after yourself. Not the family. You.

  2. Husby dreams of the day when I lose my voice! :) I love parenting adults. My kids are my best friends! Then, there's the grandkids! Can't believe I didn't realize how much fun they would be! A whole new generation to coach through life!

  3. Husby dreams of the day when I lose my voice! :) I love parenting adults. My kids are my best friends! Then, there's the grandkids! Can't believe I didn't realize how much fun they would be! A whole new generation to coach through life!

  4. It seems when you are coming down from a high period of stress (whether it's good or bad), your body tends to let down too - and you can get sick. Take care of yourself, enjoy your summer, and relax. Your voice will come back when it's ready!

  5. I've never had laryngitis, but my daughters have and it only lasted a week. Hope your voice comes back soon, probably the best you can do to help it is not try to talk at all for a few days. Write everything down instead.

  6. I'm happy for your son, but can't help but feel a little sad for you too my friend. I know it's rough, but you are strong and you will get through it. I can't wait to see what emerges. Now it's time for Susan to shine!

  7. Oh I am sorry about your voice, Susan. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to pop in for a visit, too. Hope this finds you fully recovered. I do understand how you feel about the recent graduation. It's an odd time. You're thrilled for them ... and yet ... how the heck did it happen so quickly? That first year of their lives was SO slow and never ending and then ...poof.. they're all grown up and heading off to college. Hang in there, Mom.

  8. Sorry about your laryngitis, my friend. Has it subsided yet? I have only had it once or twice - both times after a bout with bronchitis!

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